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National Hazing Prevention Week Schedule




At UCF, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and inclusive environment to our students, faculty and staff. The UCF Creed – Integrity, Scholarship, Community, Creativity, and Excellence are the core values that guide our conduct, performance, and decisions.

To ensure the UCF Creed is maintained to the highest degree, UCF does not condone hazing in any form. Hazing is an abuse of power and relationships, and its purpose is to demean others. Hazing has no place at the University of Central Florida. Any
acts of hazing by any UCF student or student group/club/organization/sports/fraternity/sorority/athletic team will not be tolerated.

The University will investigate all allegations of hazing to the fullest extent possible. Any organization or individual that is found responsible for hazing will be subject to sanctions, which may include suspension or removal from UCF. It is also important to remember that hazing is a felony and it may result in criminal charges.

UCF succeeds only when we all participate in setting and adhering to the highest standards of behavior. In doing so, we ensure that the UCF community remains a vigorous center for intellectual engagement and growth. I urge every member of our community to think carefully about how our actions affect others and how they either protect or diminish our values as a community. If you are a victim of hazing, know someone who is, or need more information on the subject, please visit the Report Hazing page.

Let us continue to make UCF a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all who have the honor of being a Knight.

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